About Interactive PE (iPE)

Our mission:     develop physically literate individuals . . .

. . . by providing the opportunity, knowledge, and motivation for young people to develop "fit for life" strategies that lead to healthier and happier lives.

Two approaches, one curriculum:   eLearning is the heart of virtual education and it is an ever-increasingly important part of in-school education.     In-school or virtual, the pedagogy is the same.   This consistent approach allows schools to offer choice to best address individual student needs.   Lifetime fitness skills are developed independent of particular sport or physical activity.   Teenagers are allowed to embrace their favorite expressions of fitness so they look forward to healthier and happier lives now and for a lifetime.

In-school (blended learning): iPE is the perfect educational companion for teachers who seek to teach fitness skills, to increase activity in class, and to meet RISE requirements.

Virtual (distance learning): iPE provides students an alternative approach to traditional physical education for course recovery, schedule flexibility, and a more individualized learning environment.