Interactive PE Courses

Fulfills the Physical Education / Health requirements for General and Core 40 diplomas.   Meets state and national standards.   PE requires regular physical activity.

Physical Education 1

Physical Education I focuses on instructional strategies through a planned, sequential, and comprehensive physical education curriculum which provide students with opportunities to learn fitness fundamentals relevant for a life time of healthy living. Students have the opportunity to actively participate in fitness expressions of their choice which may include team sports, dual sport activities, individual physical activities, outdoor pursuits, self-defense, martial arts, aquatics, gymnastics, and dance, all which are within the framework of lifetime physical activities and fitness.     (IN course: 3542)

Physical Education 2    

Physical Education II focuses on similar instructional strategies to those in PE1. The comprehensive physical education curriculum provides students with additional opportunities to learn more fitness fundamentals for a life time of healthy living. Students can actively participate in fitness expressions of their choice in the categories listed in PE1. Prerequisite: PE1.   (IN course: 3544)

Health and Wellness

Health & Wellness provides the basis to help students adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. Health education contributes directly to a student's ability to successfully practice behaviors that protect and promote health and avoid or reduce health risks. Through a variety of instructional strategies, students practice the development of functional health information (essential concepts); determine personal values that support health behaviors; develop group norms that value a healthy lifestyle; develop the essential skills necessary to adopt, practice, and maintain health-enhancing behaviors.     (IN course: 3506)