iPE Founder, Gary Lemke

Gary Lemke founded Interactive PE to help high schools create more relevant and enjoyable physical education experiences.   He is working with leading educators to implement blended learning for better student outcomes.   Gary is a sought after speaker and regularly blogs.


Gary is an Indiana native and received a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University.   Gary worked at Bell Laboratories before heading to Silicon Valley to help grow Hewlett-Packard's young computer business. While at HP, he held various leadership positions in product marketing, sales, and manufacturing.   Upon his return to Indiana, Gary directed the software development and marketing efforts for a start-up that subsequently went public.   Leveraging his expertise in customer management, Gary founded an industry research firm covering a wide range of customer-facing strategies, technologies, and trends.   He has served as a Trustee of the Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

A lifelong journey of fitness expressions.

Gary has participated in almost every competitive sport and physical activity.   He believes everyone, regardless of age or past experience, should try as many different "expressions of fitness" as possible.   Gary is an avid cyclist and a recreational tennis player.   He enjoys snow skiing and hiking in the mountains.   Most people don't know Gary started windsurfing as "recovery therapy" after fracturing his neck in a basketball accident.

On a personal note:     " I am grateful to the teachers who challenged and encouraged me . . . especially my high school physics teacher and football coach.   I unknowingly received inspiring life lessons from a close friend who always taught without teaching. Isn't that the way it should be?   I had the honor of working at the sides of Bill and Dave who modeled "the HP way" of trust and respect.   There is no better way to run a business, family, or friendship.   Lastly, I have had the privilege to observe a great coach who knows how to touch the heart of a young life.   I have a better understanding that making a genuine difference goes well beyond the ball and the last buzzer.   In humility and gratitude, I hope to pay forward what others have given to me. --   Gary Lemke